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Do Department Stores Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?. Many department stores offer their own credit card. These cards work like a traditional card -- the department store .

Been hit up lately by sales clerks promising big savings if you apply for a retail store credit card? Just about every major clothing, electronics, and

Utilizing store cards can be a good way to get discounts on merchandise. However, using store cards can also store credit cards credit score hurt your credit in the long run. Here are a few ways that store .

Store credit cards are fairly easy to get, but they're not everything . Store Credit Cards Have Little Impact on Credit Scores Compared to a major credit cards, retail store credit .

Bad credit car loan Multiple credit probe by a consumer attempting to open a new credit line such as retail credit card or retail store account can affect FICO score or Credit

I would like to cancel department store credit cards that I no longer use. Should I cancel one or more at one time or space the cancellations over a period of time? Will .

Department store credit cards are different from conventional cards and have

store credit cards credit score

a different effect on store credit cards credit score your credit. Find out what every consumer should know.

What's a

WASHINGTON -- If you've gone shopping at a department store lately, you've probably been asked to open a store credit card. If you do, you could save 10-, 15- or even 20 .

Do not apply for credit to get a discount. The credit inquiries will lower your credit score.

What is the TRUTH about store credit cards and credit score effect/impact? The finance articles I have read like one on MSN Money says to stay away

I was watching Clark Howard a bit ago, and he was advising a lady to close her store credit card to raise her credit score. Is there any truth to the fact that simply having a .

Does cancelling store credit cards help or hurt your credit score? 6 years ago; Report Abuse

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